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    Do you ever manage to get Carrie in those "Who Are You..." polls?

    I mean those internet polls which ask you things like what boots do you prefer, or what would you do after a break-up?

    I know Carrie's in them, but she never seems to be the one they think I'm most like!

    Last time I got Miranda Lambert, and this time I got Zac Brown!

    Zac came with this blurb

    "You’re incredibly chill, and that’s only partly because you’re a bit of a stoner. You have a romantic streak, but your one true love is Southern cooking!"

    I'm flattered - but I think I'll have to watch my waist line, lol

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    I can get Carrie but never in the first try, although I took I think it was what Country song are you and gotten inspirational and the song that they used as an example was Jesus take the wheel.


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