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    American Idol 2005 videos in HD?


    Back when I started collecting Carrie's videos in early 2009, there were quite a few HD videos of her performances in American Idol floating around. I'm talking about real 720p HD videos in MPEG format, not just youtube rips.

    However, I lost them all when my HDD crashed a few years ago. I managed to re-download a few (namely Bless the Broken Road and Inside Your Heaven performances), but the rest had already been taken down by then.

    I wonder if anyone else still has them and could re-upload them?
    I really want to have them again, especially her Alone & Could've Been performances.

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    here's 22 performances in decent quality!rZ1m0Yra!27xOK5g24u224Tf9uzg7zw



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