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2021 Latin AMAs April 15


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They both seemed to be having a lot of fun! I love that. It’d have been cool to have used the props more than just at the beginning, but great performance regardless!


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I don't remember the last time I saw Carrie this happie and relaxed, she was all big smiles all night and she loved that performance!


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Oh well, Carrie got all kinds of good press. I can't believe how many stories there were about her tonight.


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WOW!!! Carrie and David BOTH look STUNNING ... as they delivered a "very stirring" rendition of Tears of Gold. Carrie slayed singing in Spanish ... I am in "awe" and really love it so much. In a very Carrie Underwood way ... with flamboyance, fashion, and **PASSION** ... Carrie and David delivered an "incredibly powerful" rendition of Tears Of Gold.


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That was awesome and she of course stunned in her performance and red carpet dress! That red carpet dress was beyond beautiful! And the performance garners her more fans I’m certain so it’s definitely a win!


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I soo agree;... If anything great exposure to another possible fan base.... What can't Carrie do..... Again that performance was amazing.....

And that look... WOW.... Both red carpet and performance......


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that smile at the end when she knew she slayed <3