Carrie Underwood Fans

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2021 Latin AMAs April 15


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It was obvious that there were issues with mic/audio from the beginning. I would love to hear how it sounded live. That being said, as a none professional, but lover of music, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Carrie & David looked to be having a great time, and I felt their enthusiasm. Live, we went live in 2021, So awesome to be seeing that.


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There were obviously some audio issues somewhere and Carrie started off too strong and shout-y because of it. It doesn’t make someone a “fake fan” to acknowledge an artist isn’t always perfect - be it within their control or not. She got back on track and delivered as always, but everyone who likes Carrie’s voice and/or music is a true fan of hers. No discussion. Acting like she can’t misstep here and there is just asinine.


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A live performance is just that live, warts and all. If you want perfection listen to the recording. She looked great, started out a little rough, brought it home in the end, and the performance was well received.