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30 Day Carrie Callenge:


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Day 10: My favorite Carrie hairstyle would be this one:



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Day-10 fav Hair.
Again, kind of hard for me cause I don't know how to go find pics and attach.
But anytime Carrie wears her hair down with the big thick curls I am in heaven.
Also similar to that, when it's down but the two sides are pinned together in the back (does that make sense?)
She can do no wrong for me Except....................................
ITYS on Idol. I almost passed out on that one. Yikes.


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My fave Carrie hairstyle is TOTALLY this one! I don't know if it's the hair, or the fact that she just look STUNNING!

Carrie Underwood 195.jpg


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Day 1 out of 32 (I decided to add two extras aka favorite song from BA, and favorite pic of Carrie & Penny) Favorite Carrie Song

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