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A lifetime appointment!


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After six months in this role, I contemplated and prayed for His leading as to a focus area of ministry. Looks like the areas will be Missions and Men's Ministry. So exciting! I am getting ready to see first hand what my church is doing in support of a boys orphanage in central Mexico as we deliver presents to the boys and words of encouragement to the leaders. A fellow elder and I will be traveling there on Monday. Thank you in advance for your prayers! God bless!

An update to share. It has been over 2 years as an elder now, and specific areas of ministry that I will be overseeing have been unanimously agreed by the Elder Board. At first, I thought it was Missions and Men's Ministry. Then, two of the elders suggested the obvious... Bible Studies. I have been leading regular bible studies in my home for the past 7 years. Duh!

Formalized now, I will oversee the Bible Studies and Fellowship ministries at my church. Just during the past few months, my service to the members, regular attenders and their friends have grown and grown. It's amazing what a mustard seed of faith can sow. God is good, all the time!