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Adele Easy On Me October 15


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I absolutely love this album! Adele did not disappoint. It definitely takes multiple listens because there’s no way to catch everything right away. I’ve been watching reactions on YouTube and gaining insight on the deeper meanings of the songs. My favorite song is “To Be Loved”. Yeah, I may have cried when I heard it. I think it is one of the greatest songs ever written. The most emotional vocal performance I’ve ever heard. Too bad she said she could never perform it live.

My faves are “Strangers By Nature”, “Easy On Me”, “OMG”, “Can I Get It”, “I Drink Wine”, “Hold On”, “To Be Loved”, and “Love Is A Game”. I guess most of the album. So glad she’s back!


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My top 5 songs from 30:

1. Love is a Game
2.I Drink Wine
3. Easy on Me
4. Oh My God
5. Can I get It

Love Hold On too!


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Spoke firsthand with a friend that works in Las Vegas in the upper ranks and I don’t like the person that Adele has become. Let’s just leave it that because I won’t be sharing what I learned. Character means a lot to me.