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AMC's The Walking Dead


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I downloaded the episode. Carrie did a good job. Maybe one day she'll do a guest appearance on TWD.


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The ratings for Talking Dead were the hightest ever in the history of the Show! Power of Carrie!!!!

Jeremy ‏@JLMax09 6h6 hours ago Omaha, NE Talking Dead had it's highest ratings of the season...@carrieunderwood will do that for ya haha @hardwick

I ABSOLUTELY loved this episode! OMG I was dying! It was really well done in every way!

Carrie did great on Talking Dead. The haters were mostly jealous women picking on her spray tan or her use of the word "like" too much. It was annoying to see them nitpick that of all things. Clearly looking for something to bash.

But oddly Carie got tons of good tweets and good feedback once the initial rash of haters leveled off. It then suddenly turned to good comments.


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Rick Grimes ‏@RickAndThangs 30m30 minutes ago Jesus literally just took the wheel. @carrieunderwood #TWD


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Another really good episode with two of the best lines ever delivered on the show, " When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you planning to make pancakes?" and "Confrontation is something we've never had trouble with"


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Show always has me sitting on the edge of my seat! I'm worried! lol
With a few tweaks here and there they are pretty much going straight out of the graphic novel right now, I think they will continue to do and if they do the last five episodes of the season are going to be something else.


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Really interesting and intense episode, there wasn't much at all that was taken out of the graphic novel but I liked where they went.