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Anyone Here Want to Take the NaNoWriMo Challenge?


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Every November over 250,00 people worldwide sit down on Nov 1st and try to write a 50K word novel (about 175 pages) by Nov 31. Last year over 31000 did. I didn't do it last year but in 2010 I won (beat the 50K mark) There is no finished product - you don't edit and tricks like no contractions and spelling out whole names are used to help with word count - In our group one person was stuck and had her character cook writing out a list of recipes. It's all for fun, but there have been the beginnings of real novels conceived at Nano, for example Water For Elephants started as a Nano book. Also you don't do this alone. There are NaNo chapters everywhere. There are write ins, word challenges, and word wars . If you like to write and want some real fun check it out. National Novel Writing Month

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