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Award Season in 2016


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I was looking at some creative Emmy wins from tonight. There are so many awards. Happy for Amy Poehler. Wish it could've been for Parks but it's still awesome.


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There's a category named visual effects in a supporting role. What exactly does that mean? anyone know? Sherlock- Abominable bride just won that.

Crazy ex-GF won single camera editing. yay.

Btw I won't be able to be here for the Emmys this next week. Sorry. I hope you guys have a lot of fun.


For Éternité, Tran Anh Hung took a rather unusual approach, but I don’t think it worked for me. It drove me crazy that there was way more narration than actual dialogue in the film. It was pretty much 95% narration and 5% dialogue. It was to the point that Éternité didn’t feel like a feature film, but rather a documentary retelling major events of a story, accompanied by some pretty visuals. The thing is, the major events it told were dull. There were almost only two kinds of event in the film: birth and death. Each event got about 4-7 minutes of screentime. After the first 45 minutes, things started to feel repetitive, and I found myself starting to think: "She’s pregnant, AGAIN? Who will be the next one to get knocked up, AGAIN? Who will be the next one to die?". There was no element of surprise. Even the "twist" felt forced and predictable. It was just so hard to feel for something that happened over and over and over.

Well, it was pretty though, I'll give it that. But that's it.


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^Aww man, I was really looking forward to that one too.

I still don't understand how Tina and Amy were technically able to be nominated and win together but... It gave Poehler her Emmy so I will not complain!!

Sur, I think Visual Effects in a supporting role probably means the visual effects aren't a main part of the story like with Game of Thrones. That's just a guess, though. I don't have my Emmy rule book handy. 😂

And boo at your not being here next week Sur!


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you guys you guys.....ive finally finished prepping today for my work day tomorrow. Which means I HAVE TIME TO MAKE A NEW THREAD. STAND BYYYYYY