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Award Season in 2017


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So I got to see Dunkirk today! Wow. It was powerful. Chris Nolan definitely deserves his first Oscar Directing Nom. It was raw, authentic, and painfully desperate. You could feel the despair and desperation of the soldiers-- it was palpable. What I liked is that is that it was not sugarcoated or dressed up in a Hollywood Bow. It was real. No wonder the critics love it.

As for Harry Styles, good job. He surprised me with definite acting chops.

My only critique is that - as in the case of Hurt Locker-- not enough character development. I wanted a bit more of a story behind the War itself. That is why I found Hurt locker so dull. There was no character development and no one to really root for but the Americans generally. I like a Hero in my stories, and I prefer a backstory on the main character.

For Dunkirk, there was very little character development and no real Story outside of the War, but it was still brilliant anyway. You left feeling the uselessness and despair of the War, and the painful loss of so many people. It was raw and it hurt.....but that is what makes a great movie.

I agree 100%.

I loved the movie but found I liked the beginning more than the ending because it started out with a bang, but the lack of dialogue and character development made it less than perfect, which I think it could have been and came so close to. I understand Nolan was wanting to focus on the actual situation rather than individual characters, but I think even just adding a little more of a story to Fionn's character could have made it better. I also get this was an actual event and he didn't want to stray from reality.

And, yeah, Harry Styles is just awesome. He's great at everything he does and seems to be one of the nicest people on the planet.

I didn't like The Hurt Locker when I first watched it but have been meaning to give it another try.