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Award Season in 2019


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I thought Johnny Depp was just being a pathetic loser when he sued his wife but now it’s looking like she abused him. Or at least they both abused each other, and she’s not as innocent as she portrayed herself to be.


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I thought Johnny Depp was just being a pathetic loser when he sued his wife but now it’s looking like she abused him. Or at least they both abused each other, and she’s not as innocent as she portrayed herself to be.

I have always thought that it was either a mutual combat situation or she was the one that abused him. Now his behavior was unacceptable, but just because you throw things, hit things or slam doors etc. doesn’t mean that your are a beater.


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I saw Once Upon a a Time in Hollywood. I adored it. Long but very interesting and a nice homage to old Hollywood. Great acting by both Leo and Brad.


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I loved it. Honestly I think Brad Pitt should get a supporting Oscar nom. He was really good. Leo was great too.


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hey y'all. so i know we aren't as active here, so i decided not to make a whole new thread, but to continue on this one for next years awards. cause i still like having a list and keeping tack and talking.

So in the first post on the page you'll see the new timeline for this award season as well as 2019 contenders, the 2018 contenders are still listed but lower in that post.


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Bold Means I Have Seen the Movie (clearly I'm behind)-

Toy Story 4 (On DVD)
Funan (On DVD)
The Farewell (On DVD)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (In Theaters)
Parasite (In Theaters, Limited)
Pain and Glory (In Theaters)
Judy (In Theaters)
Joker (In Theaters)
JoJo Rabbit (October 18[SUP]th[/SUP])
Harriet (November 1[SUP]st[/SUP])
Ford v Ferrari (November 15[SUP]th[/SUP])
I Lost My Body (November 15[SUP]th,[/SUP], Netflix)
A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (November 22[SUP]nd[/SUP])
The Irishman (November 27[SUP]th[/SUP], Netflix)
The Report (November 29[SUP]th[/SUP], Amazon)
Marriage Story (December 6[SUP]th[/SUP]Netflix)
A Hidden Life (December 13[SUP]th[/SUP])
The Two Popes (December 20[SUP]th[/SUP], Netflix)
1917 (December 25[SUP]th[/SUP])

Alright, if you think theres any movies i need to add let me know!

Wooh!! Awards Season has started!! But Hannah, have you really not seen any of the contenders yet? Even Toy Story?!

Anyway, I’d say to add:

Little Women (Dec 25)
Us (On DVD) - I think Nyong’o could happen
Downton Abbey (In theaters) - I think Smith could happen
Hustlers (In theaters) - JLo is happening, y’all
Dark Waters (Nov 22)
Knives Out (Nov 27)
Bombshell (Dec 20)
Waves (Nov 15)
Frozen 2 (Nov 22)
Queen & Slim (Nov 27)
Richard Jewell (Dec 13)
Uncut Gems (Dec 13)


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Has anyone seen “Hustlers”? The previews looked terrible, definitely not Awards material. I just can’t see JLo turning in an Oscar caliber performance.


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Reviews are in for the new Star Wars. Funny, the last one the critics loved but fans didn’t. This one the critics are bashing but fans are loving. I actually like The Last Jedi so I’m anxious to see what this one is like. I’m a casual fan, not die hard.


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Was indifferent to the last Jedi when I first saw it. Rewatched the whole SAGA before seeing TROS Thursday. and made me realize I actually do dislike last Jedi. It’s significantly boring and doesn’t move the story forward at all. Which is ironic seeing as how it’s the longest movie runtime wise

Loved Rise of Skywalker. Easily the best of this trilogy.


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How’s everyone doing with watching the contenders?

From what I’ve seen, here’s how I’ve liked them:
1. Ford v Ferrari (as good as movies get - fun, hilarious, dramatic, all the feels)
2. Little Women (excellent retelling of a classic)
3. Marriage Story (loved it but heart-wrenching, top notch performances)
4. Spider-Man: Far From Home (my favorite franchise from Marvel)
5. Knives Out (fun whodunnit)
6. Star Wars (nice ending to the trilogy)
7. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (did Mr. Rogers proud)
8. Avengers: Endgame (again, a nice ending to franchise)
9. Joker (Joaquin Phoenix was phenomenal)
10. Rocketman (fun movie, excellent performances, great music)
11. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (enjoyable but left me thinking WTH?)
12. Us (good but not quite “Get Out” level)
13. The Irishman (I was proud I didn’t fall asleep! That’s an accomplishment for a 3.5 hr movie)

Can’t believe I’ve watched that many and still have quite a few to go. Don’t think anything could bump my #1 though.

John Wick 3 would be on the list but I don’t see it winning an Oscar.
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