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Best cardio exercise


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I do an hour on the elliptical... I don't know if that's the best or not.. lol.. I can't run because of knee problems so this works for me.. :)


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I run 2 miles 5 times a week and I've went down 3 pant sizes! A total of 20 pounds in 4 months. With also having a good diet.

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Step aerobics is really good but you have to join a gym. Any aerobic exercise is good according to ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) hour of physical activity is good to get the blood flowing and the heart to pump efficiently


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Best cardio imo is the one that gets your heart pumping so it could be running a mile taking a 10 mile bike ride or something just keep your heart rate up, but don't have it beat to the point where you pass out


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Swimming = no impact on the body and burns calories fast. Also, roller skating = low impact and roller dancing can be fun too.


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Running is a great choice for a variety of reasons:

It doesn't require special equipment (except some quality shoes)
You can can do it just about anytime, anywhere
It's high impact, which helps build strong bones and connective tissue


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Next to the treadmill, the elliptical trainer is the most popular cardio machine at the gym and it's no wonder. The elliptical trainer allows your body to move in a natural way, but without the impact of the treadmill. You can add intensity by increasing resistance and some machines include adjustable ramps and arm handles for added intensity as well. As a bonus, you can go backwards on an elliptical trainer, adding variety while working your muscles in a different way.