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Carly Pearce covers Carrie Underwood


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you've never heard her recorded version of Cowboy Take Me Away?
she sings the inane lyric "I wanna SKIP on the hard ground" instead of the correct "I wanna sleep on the hard ground".
How does one skip on the hard ground?
I’ve never heard her version. However, you can skip on hard ground lol. It’s an easy mistake to mishear lyrics… but to record it is tough 😂
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Goodbye Shoes

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I'm a big fan of Carly as well, and while she has a good voice that's perfectly suited for country music she cant hang with Carrie when it comes to range and power. But then again few other female vocalists can.


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^^^ I’d have to agree. Something about her.. I’m okay with her songs, her voice don’t do much for me..