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Carrie liked a tweet oh my


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The original purpose of this thread was to discuss how the liking of this tweet could impact Carrie’s career moving forward, not debating the content of that video. Carrie can have whatever views she wants, but after spending almost 20 years avoiding this stuff, it’s just a shame she chose such a heavy topic to make her voice heard. Speaking for myself, I always figured Carrie leaned a bit more conservative, and it’s so dumb that your support, or lack of support, for a mask dictates ones political views. If it is true, it is a slightly hard pill to swallow, but I’ll get over it and keep supporting her. Moreover, it seems like the noise has settled down. I saw a buzzfeed article yesterday about actor/comedian Billy Eichner bragging about being blocked by Carrie before he even had a chance to comment on this specific issue. (I was spending a lot of time in those comments sharing that Billy was cruel to Carrie during the Sound of Music). Other than that, I think most people have moved on. Do I think she will be forever associated with this? Yes. But I don’t think it’ll vastly impact her career.
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I think it’s weird someone stalked her stuff and found the tweet. I’ll agree. I think it’s weird too that she liked it though when she’s always stayed out of politics. That was just one thing I liked so much about her. I hate discussing politics! And I agree she could have accidentally done it or was just saving it. But I would think if that were the case she would have spoken up on it. She didn’t have to say anything one way to another. Just that it was an accident and that she doesn’t discuss politics. Etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and even though I think we should all wear a mask for everyone’s safety, I’d hate for her career to be really damaged over this. It looks like it’s pretty much died down though.