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Carrie mentoring Idol top 5 next week

Michael Reid

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In a recently deleted tweet. It was revealed that the songs this week are the Top 5’s original songs. The 2nd song is a song from Carrie’s catalog, that she is picking for them to do…. This could be good or bad. I swear if anyone messes up one of Carrie’s masterpieces, I’m going to be upset. You have HunterGirl and Noah, both Country. Nicolina is a powerhouse singer. Then Leah and Fritz are pop, Leah has pulled off some more folky stuff. Just hoping it’s a good show

NC State Carrie Fan

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Carrie get’s to pick?? That’s very interesting. Would love for people to get to see her in this mentor role and show her music knowledge of what songs people would do well with instead of just listening to them sing and giving a few tips


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um someone said the guys on Idol have covid? I really hope they don't give it to her. Cause if the girls are in the inbtwn window....

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Ryan just confirmed the announcement is about her tour dates!!

Performances so far have been:
HunterGirl - Undo It
Leah - I’ll Stand By You
Fritz - I Wanna Remember
Noah - So Small
Nicolina - Blown Away

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t salty about two of them not even being her songs lol
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I wasn't a huge fan of HunterGirl either and part of it might be(and i'll concede this is stupid) that the name HunterGirl can come across like she already thinks she's famous in that she has a stage name. Now I understand due to her long name why she goes by Huntergirl... also, I do think she's done much better the last few weeks and given who the final 3 are she should win and will become the most famous of this group even if she doesn't win.

Nicolina clearly had the best voice as proven by the Carrie song she picked, she's the only one of the 5 that even attempted a powerhouse Carrie song. I love the power notes so I was rooting for her...