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Carrie on Ellen


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If you follow Ellen on Instagram, Carrie was on her instagram story. Was going to put a screenshot, but I can't figure out how to upload a picture.


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OMG look at her outfit! Stunning!

Christina Marotta ‏@cmarotta98 6m6 minutes ago same ellen





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Oh please tell me she did her chicken click on Ellen. I need that so bad along with the chicken dance. Lol.

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I hope she clucked like Chicken too- not just the chicken dance! haha

I wonder what that was about? haha Her outfit is STUNNING. Perfect for the Ellen show!


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So glad you all are finding these clips, but I'm going to wait and watch it when I get home! She looks gorgeous though.


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Amazing performance! I hear better the instruments and is so cool, it have something of the 80's , some disco, something modern and something country at the same time!
And its catchy as hell!

And Carrie's happy dance at the end!! Lol thats everything.