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Carrie Underwood 7- Denim and Rhinestones


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^Yeah they left Celine off the list, which is insane. I scrolled thru the list, but didn’t really look to see if there was any criteria to how everything was chosen. But they ranked Taylor at like 100, which we all know she isn’t a great vocalist, so I instantly lost interest when I saw that. However, Carrie was the highest modern day country singer on the list which is cool


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I'm glad that Carrie made this list. They are always so arbitrary. At first, I was frustrated that Carrie wasn't listed highter, but then I saw on social media that Celine Dion was left off the list entirely. I'm not sure if that is true, but if so, that takes a lot of credibility away from those who compiled it.
It’s 100% true. A vast majority on the list aren’t people I would think many of have heard of.


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Celine should have been top 10 (top 3 in my opinion). This Rolling Stones list has no credibility. Carrie should also be higher…I think the fact that she’s country is why she’s ranked so low. Where was Kelly Clarkson ranked?


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Interesting social media question / teaser from Jimmy Allen:

Not sure if I like that since the name sounds too similar to IIDLY
I wonder if they will do a collaboration Carrie in interviews has said it has to make sense when doing a duet meaning she is very pickey according to her she receives a lot of requests just random rambling


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She don’t know also has a star next to it on Apple Music which is usually reserved for singles. I have a feeling SDK will be the next single