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Carrie Underwood: Find Your Path Book (fit52 Life)

caitlin e.

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Fit52 question

Hey guys! I don’t know where to put this question regarding Carrie’s fitness app, so sorry if it’s in the wrong spot. My B :).. My question is, is there a way to go back and see past workouts? For example, today I did a workout and closed out of how many of each exercise I did too fast. I like to write it down and I completely messed up! I was looking in my profile and it didn’t seem to have it. If there’s not a way, no biggie-just thought I would ask! Thanks!


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Mike's going to be on the app ,video at this tweet


There’s a new #fit52 trainer in town and you just might know him!
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New photo found on Pinterest. Don’t know where the original is. I screenshot this from Pinterest. it from the Target edition? I honestly haven't even read the book yet, lol, but I have the book. I just skimmed through it, lol. The pic doesn't look familiar.