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Carrie Underwood Studio Album 7


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Do you think Carrie is providing a hint with use of the term "In the Tank"? She was quoted in an article awhile back and then used it again in the Virtual Fan Club Party. I know it is a stretch - but she has hidden clues in plain sight before. It is always fun to speculate!


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I really hope she stays away from the songs like "Undo It". Songs like that would totally unravel any artistic progress she has made. That doesn't mean I think she should stay away from rock influenced songs, but "Undo It" ain't it.


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I bet we don't get the lead until Q1 next year. She can ride the huge success of IIDLY for the rest of the year and capitalize on MG for the holiday season. Then come back the beginning of 2022 absolutely swinging with all eyes on her.


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I’d like this next era… when it comes… to be Blown Away meets Cry Pretty.

The stylistic details and personal content she gave us on CP paired with the upbeat, single worthy track list she brought with BA.


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I hope we get some news about a seventh album soon. If it comes out in fall 2022, that’ll be four years between country albums :/
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That's sort of when I think we'll get it.
Maybe! We already have "My Gift Deluxe", Special Edition ... great for Christmas Gifts this coming Christmas 2021. **THE EXCITEMENT IS ... HOW FAR CAN OUR CARRIE GO "TO BEAT "MY GIFT ALBUM" AND "MY SAVIOR ALBUM" IN TERMS OF "VOCAL EXCELLENCE"!** That is a **VERY VERY HIGH BAR TO BEAT!** But, our Carrie always surprised us!!!
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I would expect CU7 sometime next spring - April May. Makes no sense to wait longer unless there's another side project album.


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Just guessing here Carrie probably will rerelease My Savior with extra album tracks for Easter 2022 and probably after that release her 7th full Country album soon after.