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Carrie Underwood's Calia by Carrie


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The challenge with CALIA SS20 campaign was conveying the delicate balance of how women feel guilty if they take time for themselves and how they also feel guilty when they aren’t able to. This campaign became a true test of developing the right message in the correct tone and thankfully it turned out to be a success. At the end, it’s about making time for yourself so you can be the best you for everyone else in your life.

Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) Tweeted:
Who’s ready for some new @CALIAbyCarrie? Getting it done through virtual design meetings! #StayThePath #ChooseYou

Carrie Underwood Is Hard at Work in New Photo Teasing New CALIA Designs


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Carrie opens pop up shop in Nashville

CALIA by Carrie Underwood opened one of its first three pop-up retail stores on Wednesday in Nashville, a location Underwood said is more than fitting for her women's activewear brand."Nashville is my home," Underwood, the brand's lead designer, said.

CALIA, a collaboration with Dick's Sporting Goods, launched its first collection in 2015 and is offered in Dick's Sporting Goods stores throughout the country. This fall, CALIA's team rolled out brand-specific pop-up shops in Nashville, Austin, and Santa Monica in celebration of the brand's fifth anniversary. The retail locations will be open from Oct. 28 through Dec. 31.



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Carrie Underwood On CALIA’s Instagram Stories (November 6, 2020)

Carrie Underwood On CALIA’s Instagram Stories (November 6, 2020)


CALIA mention here:

She shared, “The fall collection is all about texture. We do such a great job with all of our athletic pieces… Then we also do a lot of layering pieces that I'm super proud of. Jackets and things that are quilted and just have soft textures and feels.”

Underwood is launching three pop-up stores, saying, “We're gonna have one… here in Nashville, one in Austin, and then another one in Santa Monica. All three very different vibes, but I feel like those are all super cool areas.” She went on, “We're five years in… and I feel like every collection keeps getting better and better.”

Carrie talking about the Nashville pop-up shop:
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Starts around 21:25.

How Leaders Lead (@howleaderslead) Tweeted: Did you know @LaurenHobart, President and CEO of @DICKS, teamed up with @carrieunderwood to develop a successful line of women’s clothes?

Find out how that partnership came about:


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CALIA by Carrie Underwood TV Commercial, 'Put Yourself First: Playground'

As a mom, wife, musician and businesswoman, Carrie Underwood knows how difficult it is to put herself first -- but insists on doing it anyways. When making the most of her limited time, she decides to leave some to-do's for tomorrow so she can choose herself for today... all with the help of her CALIA sports apparel.


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Also, ET teased (last Friday) a Carrie exclusive for tonight. Since she's wearing the same outfit, I'm pretty sure it's Calia-releated. 🙂💙