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Just saw Nightbirde viral AGT video, incredible journey & her powerful messages. From now on, I’m going to think positive all of Carrie accomplishment that are hard to beat & not worry or upset her future charts, album sales & country awards. Notice how Carrie videos posted on social media lately look radiant, positive & happy despite Mike controversy. It’s like she is satisfy with life her faith give, a long career, a beautiful family, & there is nothing more to prove. After all, some media & critics already put Carrie name alongside with country icons like Reba & Dolly.


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What is the "Mike Controversy"?
It's the same people who spazz out over every little thing and the same people who defend him. They're mad he went on the candace owen show and some people pointed out Carrie liked his post. I'm not sure why anyone cares. He's human and has his opinions even though I disagree with them. According to some people he didn't get into politics rather talked about the kids, faith and politics at home. Mike and Carrie have been married for almost 11 years now. He knows how she is, she knows how he is and they meet in the middle and respect each others opinions. That's how marriage works. I don't think Carrie has seen some of the tweets because she has said she tries to avoid it in an interview. If she has she knows she's an entertainer and some people will talk smack no matter what... I mean she's been a singer for 16 years now. Carrie is surrounded by conservatives her relatives, her mom, her friends, Cara Clark, Jay Cutler, etc while ivey is a democrat but they still get along. How many times has Jay and Ivey hung out? We need to learn from their example.
I think we need to focus less on Carrie's personal life and focus on her career instead. When did an artist or a retired athletes opinion matter? Ignore it just like how Carrie Ignores the hate. This is just my opinion.


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I do not know where else to put this. Who owns the twitter account LoveWins? I got a tweet from her son that says:
Hello all. I am the son of the user of this account. I am sad to inform you she passed away unexpectedly on June 16th. I can tell by msgs I've read she cherished many of you. Her family thank you for your friendship with her, your fellowship in Christ, and asks for your prayers.
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