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Carrie posted more pics on ig
That is so cool they got the deluxe VIP tour. Some day I'm going to spring for it


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i really really love her hair like that. i feel like platinum blonde doesn't suit her best but this kind of blonde? gorgeous. she sounded amazing like always. did she win any awards?

Michael Reid

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If I didn’t Love you was recognized, at the BMI. Other winners were Toby Keith for Icon, Forever After all by Luke Combs for Song of the year and Hardy won Songwriter of the year.


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Carrie is the most under appreciated artist and I will never understand it.
But one of, if not the most appreciated artist by the fans! So honestly it kinda balances out. I’d choose fans over industry any day. We’re the ones buying the album and concert tickets and calling the radio stations requesting her music :)


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I like the background music - and a wishful part of me wants this to be a new song or a new small album too - which is not to say "let's move on from D&R" because hey, we've got to milk it and have more videos and stuff from it - but because there's so much music from many artists on a frequent basis now. And Carrie did seem like she was extra inspired while working on D&R so maybe there's an album worth of more songs that might fit in the overall mood of this era.