Carrie Underwood Fans

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Changes coming to Carrie Fans


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What the heck is going on? I had trouble getting on here. Said URL not on my server. Kind of wondering if anything is normal these days. I only wanted to find out if anyone knew what, if any, plans Carrie has for the remaining year. Thanks!!


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Gosh, I guess I didn't know there was a little button for last unread post. I always clicked on new posts or something like. It was a selection at the top of the page. But we have a 'What's new' or 'New posts' option that takes me to all the posts/threads I haven't read since my last visit.


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Just click the link in the last column..
I understand I can do that, but that takes me to the last post issued & skips all the ones in between the last time I checked in & that particular post. If that makes any sense...