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China attacks Apple, Tiffany, Blizzard after NBA/SP, Google also self-censored


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The People's Republic of China appears to be launching a total war on freedom in America this past week.

Earlier, they banned the NBA completely and removed South Park from the internet altogether (you cannot even search for those words on the Chinese internet).

Then, they had Blizzard expelled, banned, and confiscated prize money from a winning gamer who voiced his support for Hong Kong.

Now, they censored Tiffany for having an ad that shows a model covering her right eye, even though it had nothing to do with the Hong Kong protests and was in fact created before them, simply because now China has banned the world from covering the right eye after Hong Kong police took the right eye from a medic and an Indonesian report permanently.

Google also self-censored by banning a game on its app store about the Hong Kong protests.

Today we learn that Apple has once again bowed to Chinese pressure. After removing the Taiwanese flag from the iOS in Hong Kong, now they have banned an app of live map in Hong Kong because the People's Daily was upset with it.

What do Americans feel about this? Should China get away with its ban on freedom in the US?


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It is time for the whole world to stand up to China. I hope one day your country can overthrow your communist rulers.