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Clive Davis' Book: Lots of Great Carrie Mentions/Pics! :)


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Guys I bought the Clive Davis book as I was fascinated to read about his career as it has been really amazing. Anyway, aside from the controversial Kelly comments, I was really happy to see his comments about Carrie. There were a few pages dedicated to her in the American Idol section, and several mentions of her throughout.

Also she is pictured in the Clive Davis party pics we saw before for two separate years-- but the cool thing is they used those photos for the inside Book Jacket. Very very cool.

There is another photo of her with Clive from awhile ago, and all the mentions are great.

Clive called her the most successful Idol, even over Kelly (his words). I haven't read the rest of the book yet but will soon. But it is nice to see our girl get so much love.
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