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Cowboy Casanova vs. Mama's Song

Cowboy Casanova vs. Mama's Song

  • Cowboy Casanova

    Votes: 29 80.6%
  • Mama's Song

    Votes: 7 19.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


New member
Well, TH put up a good fight for a while against CC. However, CC came out victorious. It now faces off against Mama's Song! That's right...let's just get this over with lol!

Poll closes in 5 days! Choose wisely!

Just to keep people updated, these are the songs that have already been knocked out in previous rounds:
Play On
Songs Like This
Undo It
What Can I Say
This Time
Temporary Home


New member

I do like MS a lot, but CC is just so fantastic.

I expect MS to get sympathy votes disguised as, "It's a song very close to Carrie's heart!"


Active member
I voted MS as I honestly like it more than CC. CC is good and all, but isn't anything spectacular imo. MS is just the lesser of two evils.


New member
CC, but only because MS is so weak lyrically.

That said, I prefer the production, vocals and video of MS to CC.

Honestly, there's something that never quite "clicked" about CC for me. It's just kinda there.


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New member
It's funny how this game works.

I'm pretty sure if it was WCIS vs CC, WCIS would beat CC. Yet WCIS was beaten by TH, which was beaten by CC.

This isn't a criticism or me once again pimping out my favorite, but just a point I find interesting. It makes me wonder if the BA game would've played out differently had the order been random.


Active member
Easy for me.
Loved CC the minute I heard it.
It blew in a new era of sound for Carrie to me. And I loved it.
MS never took off in my head at all ever.
(but I must say everytime it comes on I am still taken by her voice).


Well-known member
Although it's not something I like saying - now that we have a big buzz around the excellent "new level" Blown Away album, I'll be honest and admit that I found "Play On" the most disappointing of Carrie's four major release albums. (Paradoxically, though, it did contain one song that I regard as among the very best that Carrie's recorded - but more of that in later rounds!)

These two songs, though, for me illustrate what I did find disappointing about the album as a whole - namely, that, while good as a "holding exercise", they did little to enhance Carrie's reputation for depth as an artist. "Cowboy Casanova" was a big success for Carrie, and a favourite for many fans, but I'm afraid it didn't do a lot for me. While it shows a feisty attitude, I didn't find either the lyrics or the music held much interest - the contrast with the musically varied and vocally challenging "Good Girl" puts the later song in an entirely different league and illustrates for me the big leap in standard to the fourth album.

In this round, therefore, I'm going for "Mama's Song". It's been suggested earlier that saying "it meant a lot to Carrie" would be a cop-out "sympathy" vote - but I don't agree. The fact that it did mean a lot to Carrie meant that she gave it a pure and believable vocal, which compensates for its admittedly rather limited lyrical line. The music, too, is a good match for the mood of the theme. So while I'm not saying that MS was among the greats of Carrie's musical career, I do find it a sincere and disarming example of her slower songs - and one that made a bigger impact on me than CC.