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Cry Pretty Era - Current iTunes/Streaming Positions


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Her performance of Love Wins was so superb, the song should definitely be higher on the charts! Go Carrie!! So thrilled she left as a winner of the FV Award - she deserved it!!


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I was experiencing some technical difficulties just about an hour ago. The technician put me on hold.....and while i’m on hold ‘Love Wins’ is playing What a sweet sound to my ears. Waiting wasn’t so bad at all with Carrie keeping me company.


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Love Wins is climbing in sales as it's climbing in radio.

Love Wins #132

Also the album is doing good without any promo.

Cry Pretty #31


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iTunes US:

"Love Wins": #46 (+12)
"Cry Pretty" (album): #28 (+1)


"Love Wins": #45 (+1)
"Cry Pretty" (album): #27 (+1)

Edit 2:

"Love Wins": #43 (+2)
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They played the entire song on the Today Show this morning looking back at the year of the show etc. That's the only place I have heard it today