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[Dec 5] The Sound of Music Live! (Official Discussion Thread)


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just saw this on my dvr - airing Wed. Nov 27 8PM E

The Making of 'The Sound of Music Live!' NewA behind-the-scenes look at "The Sound of Music" includes interviews with stars Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer, as well as footage of casting, rehearsals and the CD recording.

NBC : Entertainment Live Stream Online

TV Nutters - Free Online UK & USA TV On the "Pick A US Channel" scroll down to NBC and the stream will start - NBC - East - NBC - East

thanks daraebe
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Cool hoping that nbc puts it on their website like they do with svu, Chicago fire, etc.etc. since I only have netflix.


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This is awesome! Can't wait! I checked my Tivo app on my phone, but it only goes out to November 25th on my To-Do list for recordings. I have my Tivo set with Carrie in my favorites, so anything with her in the program description should automatically record, but I'll keep an eye out for it.


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I've already confessed that I've never seen the Sound of Music. But it seems I'm in good company - Carrie told Alison Bonaguro that Mike hadn't either ("I guess it wasn't big in Canada")

However, by coinicidence, OUP e-mailed today about a special offer on "The Oxford Handbook Of The American Musical"

If anyone wants to bone up in advance on the background to Rodgers and Hammerstein, and the production and performance values associated with this genre, this sounds a good source. Oxford Handbooks are usually pretty authoritative. It should be widely available from worldwide book outlets. For anyone interested, this is the synopsis:


  • Chapters by major scholars and experts of the musical from several disciplines
  • The only truly interdisciplinary guide to the musical
  • Ideal teaching tool, offering expertise from outside the teacher's discipline
  • Written in jargon-free language for all readers
  • Includes a companion website
The Oxford Handbook of The American Musical offers new and cutting-edge essays on the most important and compelling issues and topics in the growing, interdisciplinary field of musical-theater and film-musical studies. Taking the form of a "keywords" book, it introduces readers to the concepts and terms that define the history of the musical as a genre and that offer ways to reflect on the specific creative choices that shape musicals and their performance on stage and screen. The handbook offers a cross-section of essays written by leading experts in the field, organized within broad conceptual groups, which together capture the breadth, direction, and tone of musicals studies today.

Each essay traces the genealogy of the term or issue it addresses, including related issues and controversies, positions and problematizes those issues within larger bodies of scholarship, and provides specific examples drawn from shows and films. Essays both re-examine traditional topics and introduce underexplored areas. Reflecting the concerns of scholars and students alike, the authors emphasize critical and accessible perspectives, and supplement theory with concrete examples that may be accessed through links to the handbook's website.

Taking into account issues of composition, performance, and reception, the book's contributors bring a wide range of practical and theoretical perspectives to bear on their considerations of one of America's most lively, enduring artistic traditions. The Oxford Handbook of The American Musical will engage all readers interested in the form, from students to scholars to fans and aficionados, as it analyses the complex relationships among the creators, performers, and audiences who sustain the genre.Readership: Students and scholars in musical theater studies; professional performers and aficionados of musical theater; and non-professionals who are interested in the genre."


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My to-do list on my Tivo app on my phone finally updated to November 27th and it has already marked the special to record. It's on from 8-9pm EST on the 27th. Can't wait!


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This is so cool!!.
I kind of wish it were "after" the production, just because I want to be completely surprised by the entire thing, and you know I won't be strong enough to avoid this until after, ha ha ha.....

But it also may be a smart move to get people ready for what to expect. So maybe smart move on thier part, but I do still wish that I were going to be able to be completely surprised.

And before anyone responds, "just don't watch it", Seriously??!!!

I'm watchin' it! Ha ha ha ha.....


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^I think it's great promotion for the SOM special and I hope it will encourage more people to watch on December 5th. I would guess that most tv shows are reruns on November 27th, as well, so hopefully lots of people will just land on this special and watch it because there won't be anything else on tv that night.