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Dolly Parton Kids Book based on Coat of Many Colors song


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Dolly Parton to Release Children's Book Based on 'Coat of Many Colors'

Dolly Parton is winding down a busy year with another new project. On Oct. 18, the country legend will release a brand new children’s book based around her hit song, “Coat of Many Colors.”

The picture book uses the lyrics of her 1971 tune to tell the story of a girl in need of a warm winter coat. Her mother sews her a beautiful coat made of rags, but the girl is mocked by classmates for being poor. Eventually, the young girl realizes that the coat was made with love and feels proud to wear her mother’s gift.

Of course, the story is very similar to that of Parton herself as she grew up in poverty in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. In collaboration with illustrator Brooke Boynton Hughes and Grosset & Dunlap, the story has been retold for a younger audience.

“As someone who grew up listening to Dolly Parton with my family, having this very special opportunity to work on the Coat of Many Colors picture book has been a lifelong dream come true,” Francesco Sedita, president and publisher of Grosset & Dunlap, said in a statement. “The book—and the song, of course—really speaks to how important family and community is. And how vital it is to respect those around us and to be grateful for what we have. I believe this book is one that will be passed down for generations to come.”

Later this year, NBC will air the sequel to last year’s record-breaking television movie, Coat of Many Colors.


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I still have this on my DVR, lol. Still haven't watched it! I would definitely buy her kids' book, though.