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Emmylou Harris: Champion of the Underdogs


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Theres a gorgeous article in Southern Lady magazine about how Emmylou Harris is running a very nice nonprofit rescue on her ranch in music city. She grabs strays and all dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and keeps them until they can find new owners. Beautiful article and hope that Carrie sees it. 9F2C83FF-960B-4AD3-A02D-CD1241300C98.jpgC9721E13-4803-4B44-8777-CF341453F791.jpgCF606AA5-8124-4828-8063-1618907F8F28.jpg12942436-D04B-4283-9F2A-E277273EC072.jpgCAC92162-685F-43F4-8BE1-F9A7655BA9D6.jpg91DA1561-54B6-41D4-825E-A235702B828C.jpg