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Garrett Goodwin's Engagement Video


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Many fans will already know that drummer Garrett Goodwin, and Netanya Simpson got engaged last month.

He has now tweeted the link to this video, which was made by friends in New York City

Garrett & Netanya's engagement on Vimeo

(I think the music backing the video is from Little Green Cars, a Roots Rock band from Ireland)


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Garrett got married yesterday in Barbados

Jaime tweeted a couple pics

@jamelle210 Semi road family reunion. Love being in Barbados with my band guys. @Ggoodwin @JimmyHerman @ChadJeffers #famforlife




and a little video of the grooms cake
@twostoryroad Coolest wedding cake EVER! @Ggoodwin had an entire @dwdrums drum set groom's cake!


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Congratulations and best wishes for a future full of love, happiness and success to Garrett and his bride! Looks like it was started off in style and grace!


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Beautiful wedding, love that drum set cake, got himself a darling wife! Did Carrie go to this? Wishing them lots of happiness and she can handle him being on the road a lot - Carrie isn't one that can sit still very long.