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Ghost Story chart updates


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I'm mad about Carrie's album not being in stock at most Target stores. That is contributing to the low projected numbers of the album in its first week.

I'm confident that Ghost Story can still get a lot higher on the chart. It has good callout numbers and should hopefully peak higher than most singles from Cry Pretty,
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Donna, thank you so much for maintaining these threads for all of these years. I know Cary is so proud that somebody is carrying the torch. I really appreciate it!

GS remains at #19 (+87/+.342)
19 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Ghost Story 3156 2841 315 12.741

looking like Lambert's label is happy with top ten, IIWAC was (-148/-.744) today, Urban is still falling fast(-389/-1.118) so GS could pass it this week, chance to pass Chesney(+8/-.129) this week and Rhett goes recurrent... slow and steady up the chart for GS
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It's crazy how long these songs are staying on these charts and the manipulation for ones that are not even worth it... Radio is just not worth it anymore.....

Watching paint dry gets old...


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So by my calculations...

Jason (#2) is done. +1
Miranda (#11) is done. +1
Keith (#13) is done. +1
Thomas (#14) is done. +1

19 + 4 spots = top fifteen! So we could very well be in the top 15 NEXT week!

This is SO on track to hit #1 on Billboard. 6 years after Church Bells.


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From country aircheck daily
Country Aircheck Top Point Gainers: Here are the top point gainers for June 12-13 compared with the same days last week, according to Mediabase 24/7.
  1. SCOTTY MCCREERY/Damn Strait (Triple Tigers) +665 points
  2. THOMAS RHETT f/RILEY GREEN/Half Of Me (Valory/BMLGR) +540 points
  3. KANE BROWN/Like I Love Country Music (RCA) +533 points
  4. PARMALEE/Take My Name (Stoney Creek) +498 points
  5. CARRIE UNDERWOOD/Ghost Story (Capitol) +489 points


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Question - is this totally up to radio programmers? Like how can we Influence GS’s performance on these charts and get it to number one??