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Gods Love (and the changes in my life)


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It's been quite a year for me! I haven't posted at carriefans like I used to in past years. I'm still quite the lurker, just don't post as much. This year has been so amazing. If you look back on the thread I had in the therapy section about 1 and 1/2 years ago, I have come a LONG way. Since then I feel God has worked in my life. I was dating this guy for (starting in 2008) 4 years when he decided to tell me he was agnostic and was lying about being a Christian so he could be with me. I told him I couldn't be with someone who didn't have the same faith as I did. For about 6 months I was angry with God and wanted to know why he would let someone lie to me, or feel the need to lie to me instead of telling me the truth. It turned out that he not only lied about that, but he was also cheating on me with a 16 year old girl. (He's 20) (I'm 21) I have very strict morals, Virgin until marriage, won't live together until marriage, and God comes first, I suppose he just didn't like that anymore. Again, the anger lasted several months, and I went to counseling to help.

Lets back track a bit here 2009. So, my older sister, her name is Cherie. Was a dance coach for our local middle school dance team. There was a girl on the team, Brittany, and her mom, Cami helped Cherie when needing assistance with the team and girls, everyone referred to the moms who helped as the "dance moms". Anyway, Cherie and Cami became close. Cami and her family are strong Christians, the same as my family. Cherie had ALL 28 girls on the dance team getting ready to perform at Cami's house which was down the street from the high school where the performance was located. Cherie asked if I could help out getting the girls' makeup and hair done. So I went to their house and helped, hanging out at their kitchen table I see this very cute guy (Bryant), who looked about my age ( I was 16). But I was in a relationship at this time

Cherie had told me a couple days later that he said that I was cute, and that we should date, but I was dating someone else.

his family and my family became close over the years and even though me and Bryant never spoke more than 10 words to another despite our family's constantly hanging out.

In 2011 after high school my friend and I got our own apartment together. Which coincidently happened to be right next door to Bryant's house.

Over the years of being in my (bad) relationship of 4 years, Bryant was always there. Everyone reminding me that he was right there. That we would be perfect together, but I never listened. i even joked one time (to who I was currently dating at the time) that I was probably going to end up dating Bryant because he seemed so perfect. (Which made him mad for me saying that)

Ok- back to 2013- after my breakup with the guy, and being mad at God for so long, and trying to turn my back away from him, I got a message on Facebook one day from Bryant's mom, Cami who I haven't spoken to for quite awhile despite her bing my next door neighbor. She shared her testimony with me and it really got me thinking. I started praying and asking God for guidance. This is when I got a message on Facebook about a week later from Bryant. We began messaging back and forth for a bit. Turns out he was in Canada doing a bible schooling through YWAM (youth with a mission) and he had done one the previous 2 years as well. It showed me how I lost touch with his amazing family. (Even my own family) Bryant and I exchanged messages for about a month. I could feel God moving me to talk more with him. Bryant was coming home for his birthday and the forth of July (for two weeks) and then he was going on an outreach with YWAM to minister to the people of Thailand. He would be home in 1 month and come home mid August. We hung out every possible moment those two weeks. On the 4th of July we started officially dating!

When he got home I was so happy! We were crazy about each other! We most importantly kept God first in our relationship. We spent late nights talking. And just learning new things. First dates, first kiss (I was his first girlfriend AND his first kiss ☺️)

in September we felt our love very strong and even started questioning marriage. (I know, soon. But her you know, you know)

The one dream I have always had when getting married is getting married in the classic little white church. Bryant, his family, and I went to the state fair. In the photography section we saw a picture of my dream church. But we couldn't make out the name on it. We took a picture of it, and googled any guesses we had. And we found it!!!

october 20th Bryant proposed! Right my front of my dream church. We had went to go look at it (yes before getting engaged) and Cherie had been just booming in her new photography business so Bryant scheduled her to come out with us to get picture of it. (Lies!) he was planning his surprise proposal! :)

We planned our wedding day for February 8th 2014 (yes everything quick) I wanted a winter wedding and didn't want to be engaged for over a year. All planning went perfect. I even found my dream dress online! Went to David's Bridal, tried it on, AND it was 50% off, and a designer gown!!! A $1200.00 for only $600.00!! Our colors were- deep red, black, white and silver. White and red roses for flowers. TOMS for my wedding shoes. :) I was hoping and praying for a white wedding! and that's EXACTLY What I got. The Friday before the wedding (rehearsal dinner) was a nightmare. We had 4 feet of snow!!!!! For Oregon that never happens!!! Everyone helped and everyone made it to all rehearsals despite slipping and sliding on the roads. It wasn't until trying to get to our ceremony church that was out in the country when we came to the conclusion that my dream church wasn't going to be an option anymore with this weather. My dreams were crushed. Through all the cancellations. (Family not making it, hair appointments, makeup appointments) we still tried to stay happy. We decided to have the ceremony at my dad's church. ( this is where we were also having the reception. The ceremony church dint have a area for a reception)

the the next morning I get to my hair appointment and my voice was gone, and I began throwing up. I get home and my family was saying that delaying the wedding was the Best and safest thing we could do. After many tears, I agreed. Our new wedding date was February 22nd. All the rescheduling worked, the church, photographer, and even the flowers were willing to be redone for free, due to our circumstances. Later that day, I get up from taking a nap and my soon-to-be-husband is outside building an igloo! Lol. He said "if we can't get married today, I'm building you an igloo!"

The new wedding day came and nothing could have gone more perfect that day. Nothing. It was perfectly sunny, no snow. Everyone was able to come (mostly) it was just a dream come true of a wedding. Picture perfect in every way. God sure does see the hardships you go through and blesses you with something even better.

even our honeymoon was donated to us! Bryant's first grade teacher contacted us staying her and her husband have a time share at a house and she felt like God wanted her to give that to us as a gift. Incredible!!

Bryant and and I have been so happily married now for a few months now and couldn't be happier. It goes to show, god have have something (in my case, someone) right in front if you the whole time, and you're blinded to his plan for your life. For Bryant and i, our love was faster than most. But when you know that this is the person God as planned for you, why wait?! :)

In my case I am terrified of change, and even though I was in that bad relationship, I was scared to change, or even be alone. But when you go against Gods plan, it'd not good.

Bryant and I are going to Canada July 14th. I am doing DTS. And he will be part of the staff there. We will then go to Thailand for a missions outreach. We must raise 10,000 dollars. I'm not worried about the money, if it's Gods will, let it may be. It will happen. But I have worked at the same job for 6 years because again I am scared and terrified of change. I am very nervous but know this is my walk with God.

I want ant to thank all you fellow carrie fans for always being here. Especially last year though such a rough spot in my life, I am the closest I've ever been with my family, and now his. Our families are slo close!

And to add to this- I can't thank my dad enough for his wisdom and love, he helped me so much.

God has taken me so far, and he's not done yet! :)

If you wish to see some of our wedding pictures go to this link!

CLICK-- SLF Newsletter: Bryant|Danielle -- CLICK
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Awww Danielle, congrats! What a great story of how God moves in your life. I remember reading your breakup story here the last time you posted, so glad everything worked out so well for you!

Bryant sounds like such a sweet, amazing guy. When you marry your best friend, the love of your life - everything feels right doesn't it? Lovely wedding pictures too! =)

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him" (Romans 8:28)

It's always amazing to look back on the setbacks, heartbreaks and pain we faced, to realize that they truly did happen for a reason. With your cheating and lying ex-boyfriend, with the postponement of your wedding -- in those moments, it may have felt like He "took them away" from you, but it turns out it was only because He has MUCH better things planned for you. =)


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Thank you! It's amazing how God works. His love and patience is astounding. I'm a stubborn girl. Lol. But he's with me every step of the way!

Everyone here is so encouraging. :)

I am am a very lucky girl!!

This next chapter in my life is going to be quite journey!


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Thank you so much for sharing, Danielle, and CONGRATS!!! It warms my heart to read about your story divinely guided resulting in many blessings. Our God is an awesome God! PM me if you need anything.

Huiz: Thank you for quoting that great verse, Romans 8:28. I was recently challenged by my pastor with that verse but in the midst of a extremely severe trial.


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Lovely, lovely story Danielle. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You were a beautiful bride!


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Thank you so much for sharing, Danielle, and CONGRATS!!! It warms my heart to read about your story divinely guided resulting in many blessings. Our God is an awesome God! PM me if you need anything.

Huiz: Thank you for quoting that great verse, Romans 8:28. I was recently challenged by my pastor with that verse but in the midst of a extremely severe trial.


Thank you!

I'll have to have a thread about my journey for the next 5 months! I'm nervous, but excited for YWAM.

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Thanks for posting your great story. Wish you and your husband joy. Congrats. You look stunning.


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Wow Danielle, I was glad to see you posting again.

A lot really has happened for you in the last year but as they say things always do happen for a reason. Your wedding pictures are just gorgeous.

I wish you and Bryant all the happiness that life can bring. : )