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Graphic Request (Avatar & Signature)


New member
I'm not sure which request threads are active now, so I thought I'd post it here.

I have an avatar and signature request. :)

Both are from the TBC teaser.

Avatar: 47-48

Signature: 53- 54

Thanks in advance!


Active member
here is the signature-



Active member
sorry i cant make the icon bigger- but Cfans doesn't give us much room to play with sizes for these. i was shocked i could even make it work.




New member
Thank you! :)

I actually want the part just when Carrie is wearing the sunglasses, if you can make that work.

And the sig when she's in front of the car.

Sorry, I should've clarified. :p


Active member
Hmm. The sig worked perfectly for awhile, and now it's not moving.I tried uploading it from my computer and the URL with no luck.

did you try uploading it to like Photobucket or ImageShack (which I use a lot)? if you need help I can hopefully try and help you get that sig to work for you :)