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Help test this like feature


I'll have to move the Like link to a more prominent place but I think this will work nicely, plus it's not something I continually have to babysit when something needs upgrading... ......


Staff member
^ I only see it on your post and my own, not digging it
ETA: on all post now

I like the like button.:)
It's just like the thanks


New member
How do I put it on yours, for instance?

rainbow...he changed it to the "Like" which appears over on the right side of the posts. You can hit "Like" and it will say "you liked this post with a little heart" -- It's like the thanks, but says like instead. He might change where it appears though.

That little "star" is about reputation and it only appears on my posts too -- so don't know if that is something we'll have later or not.

EDIT: Nevermind -- James just added the "star" in above post...sorry!!


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I like the "Like" Now, we can get used to the "Reputation". Glad there are no negatives associated with


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I tried it and my 'like' changed to 'unlike' but it doesn't show my name!!!!:( I want to be seen just like everyone else!!!:D