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Hilarious SNL spoof on Beyonce and Jay Z video

Ok, I know this isn't exactly "news" or gossip but this was just too funny to pass up sharing with ya'll.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Frequent Saturday Night Live guest star Justin Timberlake popped by the show again last night, this time impersonating recent Grammy-winning singer Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.
Timberlake dropped in to the home of Beyonce (Maya Rudolph) and Jay-Z (expertly impersonated by none other than Jay Pharoah) as they showed off their new daughter, Blue Ivy, to some famous friends. Fred Armisen's Prince, Kristen Wiig's surprised Taylor Swift, and Keenan Thompson's LL Cool J all stopped by, but it was Timberlake who had the crowd cackling. Watch the full clip below.

SNL: Beyonce, Jay Z's Daughter Blue Ivy Paid Visit by Justin Timberlake's Bon Iver (Video) - Yahoo! TV

Which impression was your favorite? Mine had to be the Taylor Swift impression but Timberlake's impression of Bon Iver sure came in close. :rofl:


New member
Oh and Jay Pharoah (the guy acting as Jay Z) is AMAZING. You guys should youtube him, especially his impressions of Will Smith and Denzel Washington.



New member
Haha, I love the Nicki Minaj impression! And of course, Taylor :eek: Justin was awesome!! Bon Iver is the most relaxing singer, you should definitely hear some of his stuff!


New member
Freakin' hilarious. JT is always perfect on SNL; he should be a cast member. The Jay Z impression was immaculate too; it sounded EXACTLY like him. The Taylor and Bon Iver impressions were so awesome. :)