Carrie Underwood Fans

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Holiday special on HBO Max


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Can someone record and upload for International fans? I really want to see the special ��
I just watched it! It was AMAZINGG! Her voice keeps getting better and better. SITW was the perfect ending.
She was so happy singing all the songs, and i love it


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I made these videos. I recorded them with a videocamera, but the sound was terrible. That's why I dubbed it with the studio recordings. Now at least more people got a taste from the special.. even tough it wasn't 100% original.


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International fans!!!

Someone posted almost all of the performances of the special on youtube last night! (with the actual audio) Search Carrie and HBO MAX

Have a quick look before it's taken offline!
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Oh my gosh you guys! She sounds soooooooo good! Love it! Will watch it a couple of times more and enjoy it before it's taken down

Carrie's voice is just perfect, jaw dropping! You can hear especially in the Hallelujah song. She just sounds like on the album. On the other hand, you can hear on John they altered his voice much more on the album (which sounds so beautifel with Carrie's voice).