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Isaiah Michael Fisher


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Just stumbled across this article. There’s a cute face shot of Isaiah from when he dropped the puck at that hockey game in Canada (even though the picture isn’t the best quality)



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Isaiah Michael Fisher, 5
Carrie’s eldest child is still just a toddler, but he is, of course, everything to her. The little one even tours with his mom. “One of my favorite things about the #CryPrettyTour360 is having my family out on the road with me,” Carrie said on Instagram. “I just hope I’m making my boys proud of their mama.”

Isaiah also has a great personality. “I have a 4-year-old who’s, like, a schmoozer,” the star joked to Entertainment Tonight. “He knows the right things to say and he’s so cute about it and he knows how to get, not get what he wants but a little bit. And he’ll totally [work it], especially with girls he’s so sweet.”