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It's Been A While....


Active member
Hello, CF! I haven't been *fully active* here in a few years, or maybe shorter than that.... I've gotten rather busy because of college and my job. I haven't forgotten about this place; I've stopped by here just to browse for a little bit, then just log off. I'm hoping I'll be active here again full-mode! :p I know Carrie's tour happened last year, and I thought about going to see it, but couldn't. *Puppy face* Seemed like it was amazing, however! I've been keeping up with her news via here about her new single, See You Again. I've been listening to that non-stop over the last some weeks; such a beautiful song. <3

Anyway, hello again, everybody, if you remember me! If not, I'm Ashley, joined here back in 2006 (holy crap!), and obviously a Carrie fan! Maybe I'll sign up *again* for her fanclub.....

~Ashley (carriesweetkisses)


Staff member
How nice to "See You Again" Ashley! Sounds like school and your job have been keeping you busy. Hope all is well with you!


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Hi everyone! Just wanted to say I’m still around. I’ve been actively lurking here ever since the “Cry Pretty” album announcement. I’ll probably be pre-ordering the CD.... If not, definitely stream it via Spotify.

Hope to post here more often! :)


New member
Hi everyone! It's Ashley (carriesweetkisses) - I forgot my password and email used for my old account, so I made a new one. It's nice to be back - hopefully, I'll be on here a lot more often!


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Hey guys! I’m back again! The forum let me reset my password for this account. So nice to be back!

EDIT: Is there a way I can have my username changed to carrietakethewheel? If not, that’s OK!