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Janelle Arthur's movie


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If you remember Janelle Arthur from American Idol (in the year that Candice Glover won, I think), or from her Opry appearances since, you may be interested in her starring role in the new movie, "Runnin' From My Roots."

(As a child, Janelle portrayed the young Dolly Parton in an earlier film, and later appeared regularly in Dolly's shows at Pigeon Forge. When she was eliminated from the Idol top ten, Dolly sent her a message of encouragement, saying "I will always love you". I admire Janelle for her ability to combine contemporary ballads with a strong roots feel)

The film has had a number of false starts and apparent internet leaks, and has undergone a change of title and some cast adjustments, but will go for an official worldwide release on December 11th. The original title seems to have been "Take Two For Faith", while the later title is taken from a song in the movie, that Janelle co-wrote a couple of years ago with Jeff Hodge and Steven Paul.
Deana Carter also appears in the movie. It doesn't shirk showing the darker side of the entertainment world, but is described as "family friendly" (Janelle herself is an active church member). The film explores the story of a character who leaves her home in Texas for a career in Nashville, but becomes involved in scandal, and returns home feeling her dreams are shattered. She tries to reconnect with her schooldays sweetheart, now pastor of a local church, but the relationship has to overcome difficulties.

This is the trailer:



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Thanks for sharing. I don't remember her, but I didn't watch AI past the 5th or 6th season. Is this being released to theaters or on a television network?