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Jason Aldean Separated from wife :(


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if this source is saying there were problems even before that bar thing happened, then it was probably on the down hill even before the cheating and then the cheating happened and it probably just made it even more best to just go their separate ways...I feel bad for their children in all this


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I feel bad for their kids and Jessica, too. Their lives were turned upside down because Jason chose to breach his wife's trust, and there's nothing they can do about it.

This is likely not the first time he's cheated, either. If they were having problems prior to the cheating scandal, this probably made it so much worse. I can't imagine it would be EXTREMELY difficult to trust someone after something like this happens, and once that's gone there's little left.

I've lost a lot of respect for Jason over this, but hopefully they can do what they need to do to move forward once all of this is over.


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@Jason_Aldean: Clears throat and YELLS WHATEVER THE F IS GOING ON Between me and Jessica is NOT OF Y'ALL BUSSiness except me and my family. Stop the f rumors. GOOD DAY!!!!

Oh boy...His own REP confirmed they are having problems, and he chooses to post an outburst like this for the world to see?

I agree with the sentiment, but he is the one who cheated, and it sounds like he has some growing up to do. PR training wouldn't hurt, either.


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Jason is making himself look like a clown, don't act like a total jackass on Twitter and use your PR person to put out a statement that is what you are paying them for.


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Is that tweet on his official twitter? :s I cant see it

He must've of deleted it. Shocker.

There is nothing on his Twitter or Facebook, I saw it on my FB feed earlier.

He's had stupid outbursts before on Twitter; you'd think he would learn by now.

I love when celebrities complain about the media getting involved in their personal lives when THEY created the problem. He cheated, he's getting bad press, and now he's dealing with it the same way an immature child would, not a grown man.


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i agree with jason when he says that the situation is between him, his now ex wife, and his close family, and not the whole world, i just wish that instead of "losing it" that he would of shown some class, and dignity in the matter.


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i agree with jason when he says that the situation is between him, his now ex wife, and his close family, and not the whole world, i just wish that instead of "losing it" that he would of shown some class, and dignity in the matter.

Some times you just lose it and he did. He is going through a tough time and it finally got to him and he blew off some steam.
Not saying what he did was smart but I can understand. We don't know all the details of what went wrong in that marriage and I don't care.. I'm not sticking up for him but we are assuming that what went wrong in his marriage is just what he did and not considering that maybe he isn't the only one who made mistakes in the marriage.


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First of all, it makes me sad that Jason's children are having to go through this. I hope that both Jason and Jessica are doing their best to protect their children from all this public scrutiny.
Now, while I see how Jason would be so angry about the media discussing his personal life, he could have gone about expressing his feelings a better way than an angry tweet. Also, he has to realize that he brought a certain amount of this on himself.


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Jasen is a jerk and now the media has incentive to harass him and his family. He has done it to himself and then encourages them.


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His tweet is just another example of why celebs need to think, rethink then think again about hitting send.

Agreed. Unfortunately, though, this isn't the first time a celebrity has lashed out on social media and regretted it later.

This is a prime example of why celebrities should not post things like this in the heat of the moment; in the 24 hour news cycle, someone is bound to catch it.

I feel like a lot of celebrities want to be the first to get "their side" of the story out there once a scandal breaks, because they think it'll lessen the blow, and perhaps people will be less likely to believe the sensationalized stories written by the tabloids. Often times, though, it ends up doing far more harm than good, and in Aldean's case, it made him seem extremely immature, too. This isn't the first time he has lashed out on social media, but judging by the fact that he deleted his tweet in regards to tabloid rumors, he doesn't know how to handle the scrutiny appropriately.

IMO, if you can't take the heat for something that you were at least partially to blame for, then you need to grow up and handle it like an adult, or remove yourself from social media if you can't help but put your foot in your mouth when things don't go your way.

Celebrities have publicists for a reason; IMO, Jason would be smart to keep quiet and let his publicist handle statements from now on; he's just making himself look worse and more unappealing with every move.

If he's not careful in the future, his arrogance and attitude will come back to bite him in a**