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Kacey Musgraves Star Crossed


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I don't know. I really want to like Kacey but I find her voice common, nothing unique or outstanding. the range is also limited.
Maybe i will like her someday.


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Just heard Kacey's album. Except for two, three songs, didn't find the album compelling in the first listen. Quite a few sounded very similar. Melodies felt abrupt and didn't sit in my ear. Something felt missing, guess it was the country instrumentation that was still present on GH. Lyrically felt it lacked a punch overall.

That being said - I don't mind her doing this just for her artistic and creative vision. A part of me feels like her doing her quintessential wordplay may have felt repetitive by the fourth album, nothing different. So even if this isn't the best, it makes us value what we crave more.