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Kellie Pickler Joining Dancing With The Stars

Tonight is the finale!

Turn on HD for the full effect.

Simply on of THE most magnificent freestyles ever done on the show. Please, FOR THE LOVE OF CARRIE, support Kellie whatever measure you can by voting for as many times as you can via phone, internet, and text. Voting will close an hour after it shows in the west. So VOTE VOTE VOTEE ASAP!

Kellie's # call 1800-868-3401. You can also text “VOTE” to 3401. Finally, register at ABC.COM to vote online.

I think that she is likely going to finish 3rd behind Aly and Zendaya but IMO Kellie deserves to win, Kyle sure was the VERY proud husband with tears in his eyes after Kellie and Derek's incredible freestyle.

Sadly, that is probably what will happen. Between Aly's Olympic Fan base and Zendaya's teenybopper minions (who ruled the twitter votes throughout the competition), it will be a miracle if Kellie wins.

Who knows, freestyles can be that one dance to snag you additional casual votes, so here's hoping and praying the viewers who liked Kellie's best voted for her.

I'll be shocked if Kellie wins but she certainly deserves it.
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