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Loretta Lynn Announces Collaboration with Carrie Underwood & Reba McEntire


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And now that we know John Carter Cash is involved in this project, it once again seems likely that Greg Wells would have remained involved on the production of "My Savior" - unless they brought in someone more recognized within the Christian music industry. But by calling it a companion album, continuity of producer seems likely (with a similar involvement of the orchestra, maybe).


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=D ----

I am loving this album already with the song Coal Miner's Daughter (recitation), the song tracks and the musicians on it. I was iffy about the lead song off Still Woman Enough usually I always like Loretta's stuff when she releases things the last time this happened was her album Wouldn't It Be Great.

Moving on I was surprised about this album by Loretta because I thought Loretta stopped making music. I am glad Still Woman Enough is a little bit of country-pop album because I want to hear a different side of Loretta in music genre.

Come on be March 19th for Still Woman Enough to come out.


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Since it doesn't appear that My Savior will have a country single, perhaps they plan to promote this on country radio?


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Did you mean Christian radio?

Before the track list was revealed for My Savior, I thought there might be a new song with potential crossover for both Christian and Country radio. I thought the label might use that strategy to gain airplay on both charts. Now that this seems unlikely, I'm wondering if they will promote the trio with Loretta to keep Carrie on Country radio during this era. Otherwise, it will be a long time away from Country without a promoted single.