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[May 14, 2019] Sacramento, CA Golden1 Center


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*NEW* upper level seats just opened up for tomorrow's @carrieunderwood show! Get 'em while they're hot


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part of TC

.@carrieunderwood brought out Modesto teen Isaac Einhell to rap during ‘The Champion’ and lets just say HE DID THAT


Thank you @carrieunderwood for an incredible show @golden1center. Sacramento was Blown Away! …


Thank you @carrieunderwood for a great sold out concert at @Golden1Center


@Golden1Center 4h4 hours agoMore

What an incredible night full of incredible women! Thank you for a night to remember at the #CryPrettyTour360





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Thank you SO MUCH @carrieunderwood! This was a dream come true! YOU’RE MY ULTIMATE ‘CHAMPION’. Thanks for choosing me! Love you!



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This is the first time that Carrie has been able to come to the new arena. And I have to say that it is sooo much better than the old arena. The acoustics in this arena are so much better. And they did curtain off part of the upper level. I don't know how many tickets were sold, but the lower level and all of the boxes were full. And I have to say, they made a lot of boxes in this arena.

I enjoyed Runaway June and Maddie & Tae, but I took my niece and she said they were so/so. She couldn't really understand them, but she could Carrie. She was very impressed with Carrie. It was her first time seeing her.

It's hard to pick a highlight because I enjoyed the whole concert. I felt like time just flew by. She has come so far from the first tours. She is much more relaxed and talks a whole lot more. But if I had to choose a couple highlights, I would say Backsliding, Low, the WOC with the ladies, her walk down memory lane, and her encore. But then I leave out the rest and the rest is awesome.

If Carrie doesn't get an EOTY nomination, and if she doesn't win this time, it will be a tragedy. This show is an experience.

I am going to be going again to the Portland show, taking my daughter and granddaughter. It will be interesting to see how a 5 year old sees the concert.