Carrie Underwood Fans

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MSG Ticket for Grabs!


New member
Hi guys,
Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the Carrie Underwood concert at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 25[SUP]th[/SUP] due to work commitments.

I am selling my ticket and would love to sell to someone who would truly appreciate it. It’s a single ticket (Section 120 Row 3 Seat 3). I purchased it for $108.35, I will sell it for $100. Please PM me if you want to purchase it. I live in Northern NJ and am willing to meet you during broad daylight at busy location (such as Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or at the mall) if you prefer.



New member
Thanks, it's okay. Life happens,, I will be more beneficially to Carrie employees then unemployed... Lmao