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My (very brief) Visit to Checotah


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Like all of my summers, I spent this one in Norman, OK with family, and we were invited to stay in Little Rock a short while by some friends, and naturally going on I-40, I made a stop in Checotah for the first time. It was a really nice place-nothing I noticed out of the ordinary. We drove through Hwy 266 (not 69 as IAICA professes), but that was pretty cool. I did get to see the "single stoplight," but didn't Carrie mention that they were installing more? I could completely be making the multiple stoplight thing up, but I only saw one. We did eventually get off 266 and back onto I-40 and continued to Little Rock and that was pretty much that. There were a couple of farms that I saw east of Checotah, but I believe Carrie's parents house/farm was south of Checotah? Anyway, it came to my attention that the "Checotah Home of Carrie Underwood American Idol 2005" was not whatsoever to be found on Eastbound I-40 (which was a disappointment to me), but happily it was on the Westbound side.

That's pretty much it. I had hoped to see some Carrie spirit in the town, but there were no signs or anything that stuck out about Carrie (bear in mind, we were just driving through and not really stopping), but it was all really cool!