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Natalie Maines' divorce


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Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of 17 years, actor Adrian Pasdar. The couple have two sons, aged 12 and 16 (Long term fans may recall that the older boy, Jackson Slade Pasdar, was the subject, as a baby, of the Bluegrass instrumental "Lil Jack Slade", a fast concert standby which Emily and Martie performed during the vocal rest.)

Natalie and Adrian met at Emily's wedding to Texas singer Charlie Robison, when they were each attendants of the bride and groom. The divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences, and Natalie has said the reasons for the split are a family matter. It is her second marriage, the first to Michael Tarabay, a musician in Pat Green's band, whom she studied with at South Plains College, also ended in divorce after about two years.

The Dixie Chicks completed a high grossing reunion tour a few months ago, which included a rotating number of opening acts, mainly from the Alternative scene, including Anderson East, and a band that Emily has recorded with. Despite strong interest from fans, the Chicks themselves have found enduring difficulties in agreeing on a musical direction for any new recordings - if you exclude a recent collaboration with Beyoncé Knowles on a special version of Daddy Lessons/Long Time Gone, their last recording together was "You", a sparsely instrumented Progressive Bluegrass number, on an album by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, in 2011. Natalie, meanwhile, has released one solo album, and the sisters have released two (as The Court Yard Hounds, with a third believed to be in preparation).


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Sad to know she's getting divorced.

Thanks for the anecdotes, Faraway! Didn't know "Lil Jack Slade" was a reference to her son. It's sad that such little details that tell a lot about a song or an album aren't readily available everywhere. I wonder where you found this out from.
I'm also glad to know that a third album by The Court Yard Hounds is supposedly in the works. Incidentally, I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago because I had heard nothing about them lately.


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That's sucks and they were married for a long time. But if it's not working then it's not working, so I give them props for ending it.

There is nothing worse than growing up in a household where you know that your parents aren't happy and shouldn't be together, but they just can't seem to take that step. So I'm glad they were able to.