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Pics of my new puppy


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very very cute picture of your new puppy! Sorry I didn't see this thread until today! :)

puppies rule the world. :)


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Hi, This is very nice to read you all comments and see photos. I am here for learning some thing from you people. Actually I want to know how to share a photo in the post. I just prepared a corner for my new pet in my new Granny House which I want to share with all of you. so please tell me so that I could share this photo with you people.Transportable Homes
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I'm just cackling so hard at this thread from 2011 being bumped. x)

To share a photo, you can either upload it to a site like flickr or a photo-sharing site and drag it over or you can look at the top bar of the text input field and the tree-looking icon with the four dots is what you need to click to upload the picture onto the site.


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She Is Adorable,I Also Have A Dog That My Family Got From The Shelter It's A Boarder Collie His Name Is Buddy.
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